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The launch of Dominique Perrin’s creation took place on the 20th October 1978. The event took place at the Musee de l'Air, Paris. It was a brilliant choice to hold the Gala in Paris. This is where you can still find the Demoiselles airplane, which was built by aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont. Santos became a big success, and was one of the watches everyone wanted.

A few months later, a model made entirely of steel was introduced,roger dubuis replica which increased the Santos popularity quite significantly. The fame of this watch was not without its downside. It did not take very long for the first copies to flood Europe and the US.

Michael Douglas, who played Gordon Gekko as Gordon Gekko on Wall Street in 1987, brought the roger dubuis replica Santos fame to Hollywood.

This new problem seemed impossible to solve. roger dubuis replica released many different models, including a Moonphase model, a Round, an Octagonal model, and even a Chronograph; but the classic Santos remained the most copied timepiece in the world.

The Santos Galbee was relaunched in 1987 after a major revision. The Santos case was redesigned to be less boxy and more smooth, and it fit better on the wrist.

The roger dubuis replica Santos Galbee (Replcia Rolex Day-Date Watches ).

George Cramer ((c), left, and roger dubuis replica Santos Galbee 1978 in two-tones ((c), right).

The majority of models used a quartz calibre, but there were some exceptions. For example, this limited edition version with a grey dial that came with the 2000 caliber. The grey dial was made in 2000 pieces, and the light blue dial was produced in 2000. Nearly none have made it to the second hand market. Santos Galbee XL was introduced in 2005, and that was the last major change.